Metal ornaments Little Planet

Little Planet Decoration

Unique wall ornaments

Large size Little Planet decorations feature an original concept designed by Tolonensis Creation, a specialist of decorations made using metal laser cutting techniques.

Wall ornament Little Planet Varsovia (Click to enlarge) - Design Jacques Lahitte © Tolonensis Creation
Wall ornament Little Planet Varsovia (Clicl to enlarge) – Design Jacques Lahitte © Tolonensis Creation
Wall ornaments Little Planet draw inspiration in a well known effect by practiced amateur photographers which consists in presenting a 360° panoramic landscape through an original aspect depicting a small planet. That technique modelled by mathematicians is called Stereographic projection.

Beyond this interesting visual efect, Little Planet are customizable and thematic ornaments. Dedicated for individuals as well as companies, they can be customized in order to hamoniously fit a decorative specific environment.
Our first models depict landscapes of Paris, Cracow and Warsaw. A design study of the german capital, Berlin, is on its way.
The standard version presents a map of the city in the inner area.

Little Planet wall ornaments for companies

The inner part with an average diameter of 60 cm can be used for presenting a graphic, un logo and all other composition to be suited to a decorative project and to strenghthen the corporate identity to visitors.
In fact, this kind of creation is itended to the business world. These decorations which may highlighted in reception lobbies, meeting rooms and other areas dedicated to customers.
In addition, a large size clock can be fit in the central area. A Led strip system can be installed in the back of the decoration in order to enhance the overall aspect.
All kind of subjects can be considered with the Little Planet ornaments, such as cities, regions, product ranges.
They are large size and unique decorations, which attract the visitors thanks to their originality and their uniquemess.

Paris Little Planet ornament (Click to enlarge) - Design Jacques Lahitte ©
Paris Little Planet ornament (Click to enlarge) – Design Jacques Lahitte © Tolonensis Creation

Features of Little Planet ornaments

Decorations are made using laser cutting on a special rigid steel with a thickness of 3 millimeters. This quality of the material enables the restitution of a millimetric precision of shapes drawn by the author.
They are powder coating painted.
Indeed they offer a high level of quality.
Overall sizes are between 90 cm and 1,15 meter for diagonals depending on subject.

Please feel free to contact us for any further questions and information regarding our Little Planet wall ornaments.

Design Jacques Lahitte © Tolonensis Creation

Decorations Little Planet have been selected by several companies including Trumpf Polska, a subsidiary of the Trumpf GmbH + Co. KG company, the worldwide leader in metal laser cutting machines, and CHR Hansen France, a subsidiary of the danish firm CHR Hansen.
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